Loudest Beagle On The Block

Loudest Beagle On The Block - Tui T. Sutherland I came across this book in an unusual way. I'm sure I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise. I'm a huge fan of the singer Sarah Brightman, and did a search for her in the book category of Amazon. There were few results, but I was surprised to find a children's book (this one) that mentioned her several times. This is a very cute little story about a girl named Ella who inherits a music-loving beagle named Trumpet from her aunt, who was an opera star. Ella is rehearsing for a talent show and becomes frustrated because every time she tries to sing Trumpet keeps joining in and howling. It so happens that Sarah Brightman is one of Ella's most favorite singers. I liked the message in the book that while people might consider her weird for not liking popular singers like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, there is nothing wrong with loving music that isn't "mainstream" and you shouldn't change what you enjoy to please others. Not only is this a funny story that teaches good lessons, it also might lead the target audience, most of whom probably haven't heard of Sarah Brightman (or Charlotte Church, who is also mentioned), to discover some beautiful music.