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Agnes Grey (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) by Fred Schwarzbach, Anne Brontë
The Anne Boleyn Collection: The Real Truth about the Tudors by Claire Ridgway
The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery by Wendy Moore
Confess And Be Hanged: Scottish Crime And Punishment Through The Ages by Sheila Livingstone
Dark Heart: Tales from Edinburgh's Town Jail by Douglas Skelton
Scottish Bodysnatchers: A Gazetteer by Geoff Holder
In the Arms of Morpheus: The Tragic History of Morphine, Laudanum and Patent Medicines by Barbara Hodgson
The History of Burke and Hare and of the Resurrectionist Times by George MacGregor Waller
Burke and Hare (annotated) by William Roughead
The Spear in the Sand by Raoul C. Faure